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La Vélodyssée


The Atlantic coast by bike

1200 km of route between Roscoff and Hendaye represent the Vélodyssée. The cycle route crosses Brittany and runs along the Atlantic coast to the Basque coast. The Vélodyssée is an excellent choice for a first bike trip because its level of difficulty is low and the route is secure.


The Velodyssey on the Eurovelo 1

The Atlantic Coast Cycle Route is part of Eurovelo 1, an 11,000 km route between Norway and Portugal. Eurovelo 1 is still in development. The Vélodyssée runs along the Atlantic coast between Nantes and Hendaye, between Nantes and Carhaix, the Nantes-Brest Canal crosses your route before reaching Roscoff.


A marked and secure route

The Vélodyssée project has been a great success with tourists in recent years with 70% of developed trails and its many natural and heritage sites. Its low difficulty level makes it a popular vacation destination for families.

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