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Maps and bike guides on the Véloscénie, from Paris to Mont-St-Michel

You can leave the capital by bike to reach the coast and the Mont-St-Michel on a 100% marked route. The Véloscénie starts from Paris to reach the Mont-St-Michel bay via Chartres, Alençon or Domfront. On the way, you can admire the Chevreuse valley, the hills of Perche and Maine and the Normandy bocage. 


Cycling on the Véloscénie

Great historical monuments line this cycle route, 5 of which are classified as Unesco World Heritage Sites such as the castles of Versailles, Maintenon or Chartres Cathedral. You will also discover 3 regional natural parks, the castle of Carrouges or the medieval village of Domfront before arriving in front of the grandiose spectacle of the Mont-st-Michel. 


The Véloscénie, a great cycling route 

The cycle route offers a few cycling variations for a weekend or a few days such as the crossing of the Perche by bike, an excursion to Versailles or the royal valley of the Eure by bike. 

The Véloscénie is 42% cycle paths and 58% small roads with low traffic. 


Get the maps and cycling guides on the Véloscénie on Cartovelo. 

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