» » » » Eurovelo 1 - Véloroute de l'Atlantique

Eurovelo 1 - Véloroute de l'Atlantique


EuroVelo 1 in figures :

  • More than 11,000 km of cycling routes
  • 6 countries crossed: Norway, United Kingdom (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England), Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal
  • 14 UNESCO sites


EuroVelo 1: the Atlantic Cycle Route

The route crosses Europe from North to South (can be done in both directions). Departing from Norway and ending in Portugal, the route takes place most of the time on the Atlantic coast. The Norwegian part takes place on the coasts, but of the Norwegian Sea.


It is a varied and colorful itinerary: Norwegian fjords, wild coasts of Ireland, Vendée beaches, canals, steep coast, Algarve cliffs and many others, follow one another for our greatest pleasure.


The Vélodyssée, the locomotive of EuroVelo 1

The French part of EuroVelo 1 is called the Vélodyssée. From Roscoff to Hendaye, the route is fully signposted and for the most part on its own site. The same cannot be said for our European neighbors who have not yet finished the markup.

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