» » » » Eurovelo 4 - Véloroute de l'Europe Centrale

Eurovelo 4 - Véloroute de l'Europe Centrale


EuroVelo 4 in figures:

  • More than 5,000 km of cycling routes
  • 7 countries crossed: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine
  • many UNESCO-listed sites (cliffs of Normandy, city of Prague, etc.)


EuroVelo 4: the Central European cycle route

If the French, Belgian and Dutch parts take place on the coast of the Channel, the rest of the route takes place in the geographical center of Europe with stopover cities such as Frankfurt, Prague, Krakow before ending in Kiev.


Vélomaritime, beaconing and EuroVelo 4

It is good to know that only the French part (called EuroVelo 4) is fully marked. If you can cover the entire route you will have to compose your own route because even if there are cycle paths in some countries such as Germany or the Netherlands, it is not unified and it does not exist. there is not necessarily continuity. It will therefore be necessary to deal with bicycle maps for example or collaborative GPS tracks.


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