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Eurovelo 9 - From the Baltic sea to Adriatic


Eurovelo 9 cycling maps and guides

The Eurovelo 9 and its 2050 km cycling route through Central Europe between the Baltic and the Adriatic has a lot to offer. From Gdánsk in Poland to Pula in Croatia, this bicycle route crosses 6 countries: the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. It is also called the Amber Route in reference to the precious stone. 


Cycling from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea

Between the two seas, the mountains and rivers that you cross and admire guide you along the Eurovelo 9. The route is developed between Brno and Maribor in Slovenia and Austria and is under development in the other countries. Slovenia offers beautiful scenery and a well-developed cycling route. The Italian part is more complicated with its busy roads but the stage is short. 

Eurovelo 9 invites you to discover the historical and cultural heritage of Central Europe. 

Discover the maps and cycling guides on the Eurovelo 9 on Cartovelo. 


Eurovelo 9 - Baltic - Adriatic by bike

Even if the Eurovelo 9 cycling route is decided for the Polish part, there is still a lot to do. It will be necessary to reach Brno, capital of South Moravia, to enjoy a marked and maintained route to Maribor. 

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