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Eurovelo 5 - la Via Francigena


The Via Romea Francigena

Here is a 3,200 km cycle route from Italy to the United Kingdom that crosses 7 countries including France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. On this route, you will discover 20 sites classified by Unesco along the ancient Via Appia. Monuments, cathedrals and museums are to be visited on this legendary route.


Eurovelo 5, legendary itinerary

Eurovelo 5 or Via Romea Francigena connects London in England to Brindisi in Italy. On this route you follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims who walked from England to Rome more than a thousand years ago! In France, you go through the North after passing through Belgium and Luxembourg. You continue the Eurovelo 5 via Germany, Switzerland then Italy.

The Via Romea Francigena ends in Italy. It crosses the Italian peninsula, passing through Milan, Siena, Rome to descend into Tuscany to Taranto then Brindisi.


The Via Romea Francigena, a growing route


The Italian part is not developed, unlike the other countries on Eurovelo 5. You will find markings on the French, Belgian and Luxembourg parts. Stages in Switzerland and Germany are under development.

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