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Eurovelo 8 - Mediterranean route



Map and guides on the Mediterranean by bike 

The Eurovelo 8 follows the Mediterranean Sea from Spain to Cyprus for 7500 km between views of the Emerald Sea, historic cities and mysterious islands. It is a superb cycling route that crosses 10 countries: France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Turkey! 


Cycling on the Mediterranean coast

Between sea, mountains, canals and lakes, the French part of the Eurovelo 8 allows you to discover the coast at your own pace between Le Perthus and Menton. You will follow the most southern stage of the Canal du Midi and even a small section of the Viarhôna! 

Discover the maps and cycling guides on the Mediterranean and the Eurovelo 8 on Cartovelo. 


The Mediterranean Bike Route: a great cycling itinerary

The cycle route in France is marked and developed but the Eurovelo 8 is still under development in other countries. However, you will cross regions with unique landscapes such as Piedmont or Veneto in Italy or the southern shore of the Gulf of Corinth on the Greek border.

The Mediterranean cycle route is varied and full of promise of exceptional discoveries. 


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