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Map of Poland - North West Map of Poland, Northwest

Map of Poland at 1/300 000.
Included Lublins, Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Poznan and Szczecin plans
Localities index
Distances and travel time


Road map with different types of roads : motorway, motorway under construction, two-lane national roads, national roads, two-line regional roads, regional roads, other surfaced road, unsurfaced road.


Caractéristiques du guide 

Language: French, English, Polish
German (legend)

Édition : 2015 
Type : map Reliure : folding
Format : 11x25 cm Poids : 115 grams
Pages : both sides Échelle : 1/300 000


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- Review added the Monday 15 February 2016by David RRR

Item received quickly and in good condition. Well packed for transit.