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Elbe-Radweg 2 Elbe-Radweg 2

Along the River Elbe, by bike (2nd part): from Magdeburg to Cuxhaven.
Technical information: Maps at a 1:75 000 scale, 160 paged guidebook, 500 km itinerary

The itinerary between Magdeburg and Cuxhaven is about 500 km long. This guidebook also offers you
alternative ways, on about 200km. From Rogätz to Wittenberge, you will successively ride along both river
The quality of the roads along the itinerary varies from region to region. However, on the Hamburg to Cuxhaven
section, you will only find tar paths.

Ed.2015, German version

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- Review added the Monday 15 February 2016by David RRRRR

Item received quickly and in good condition. Well packed for transit.