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IGN map TOP 141 - Moulins, Vichy IGN map TOP 141 - Moulins, Vichy

MAP IGN TOP 141 - Moulins, Vichy 



Plastic map "Tourism and bike" at 1: 100 000 on foot, by bike, by car.


This map has a very complete legend and allows to appreciate all the possibilities of walks, itineraries and centers of tourist interest. We find:
- Main and secondary road network
- Administrative limits (states, regions, departments, municipalities)
- Nature parks and nature reserves
- Bike paths, hiking trails, cycle routes and greenways (in own and shared)
- Religious buildings
- Lighthouses, cemeteries, caves, sources
- Castles, buildings, fortifications
- Ruins, ancient relics, megaliths, orientation tables
- Park houses, refuges, gites, stadiums
- Art cities, classified ensembles, museums, tourist offices
- Stations: winter sports, seaside, thermal, green
- Marinas, leisure parks, golf courses, racecourse
- Sites: climbing, free flight, nature reserves, parks or gardens
- Military camps and ranges, forts, high consturction, wind turbines
- Airports, aerodromes, tracks
- Buildings, industrial zones, woods, scrub, vineyards and orchards




Language : french, english, german Edition : 2019
Type : touristic map  Binding : --
Format : 25 x 11 cm Weight : 100 gr
Pages : -- Scale : 1/100 000


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- Review added the Monday 15 February 2016by David RRRRRRRRRR

Item received quickly and in good condition. Well packed for transit.