Review of Werner SSSS on Le Canal du Midi, to and fro

Le Canal du Midi, to and fro Le Canal du Midi, to and fro

Landscape maps.

- 4 cards landscape 108 x 42 cm in a case (13.5 x 21cm)
- End to end, they offer a comprehensive view of the Canal du Midi from Toulouse to Sète through Narbonne Port-la-  Nouvelle,...
- 154 texts in French and English (French recto English verso)
- 240 photographs and illustrations,
- All the works of the canal, the most discreet, the most daring, localized, named and dated
- Kilometers between locks and altitude reaches, tourist info ...

Sold with a graduated in kilometers and miles rule (see photo).

4 cards
French and English edition 2016

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stars_2 - Review added the Thursday 02 July 2015by Werner SSSS

no help for biking. maybe for boats or if you are interested in bridges and canal history.