* How to create my account ?  
      Juts click on "my account" on top of the page and fill in the personal information in "Im a new customer". A confirmation email will be sent.

    * How to pay on Cartovelo ?
      You can pay by bank cheque, bank transfer or credit card. From now on, you can also pay your order with your Paypal account.

    * Security of payment :
      Our system is directly linked to the e-commerce system of our secured bank host Crédit Agricole. Please check if you see the padlock which assures you a total security.  
      Under no circumstances Cartovelo will require any password during your payment or afterwards.

    * How to order the guidebook I'm interested in ?  
      You can either type your request in « quick search » (top right of the homepage) or choose a country and click on the section you are interested in (top left of the homepage).

      France has been divided into sections, according to the region. Click on the region you are interested in and open the drop-down menu.

      Add all products you want to your basket and when you're ready to proceed check out and follow the process. Identify yourself or create your account, indicate the delivery address, use your voucher, choose your order options and proceed to payment.

    * Display :
      You may have some problems visualising accents with some browsers. Just go onto the menu bar, open the thumbnails and click « Occidental » in the  « Coding » section.


      Loyalty points :

You collect loyalty points for every orders Cartovelo.
You can change your points against a product of your choice available in the gift list.
To access this gift list, you must be logged into your personal space and go to "Use my loyalty points" in space "My Account".

A help video is available in the section "Use your loyalty points"