Cycling maps and guides in Germany

Nine Eurovelo routes and 230 cycle paths cross Germany! The opportunity for cyclists to discover the exceptional and varied landscapes of this country. From the Baltic Trail and its miles of beaches and resorts, along the Main River or around the magnificent Lake Constance, Germany is a must-see destination for bicycle travelers. 

Bikeline Editions offers a wide selection of cycling guides in Germany. 


Cycling in Germany

The Danube Bike Route starts from the Rhine in Weil on the Swiss border. The source of the river is in Donaueshingen, the trail continues for 600 km to Passau. The reputation of this bike path is well known! Discover a selection of guides and maps on the Eurovelo 6 on Cartovelo. 


- Basel-Ulm, the banks of the Rhine and the Danube by bike 

- Iron Curtain Bike Route

- Lake Constance 


The most beautiful cycling routes in Germany

The German cycling network is very well developed and offers itineraries through the most beautiful cities of the country with notably : 

  • The Baltic cycle path
  • the Main radweg
  • the Elbe radweg

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