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EuroVelo Routes: European cycling network

Europe by bike: 19 cycle routes to know

The EuroVelo cycling network currently groups together 19 EuroVelo routes that cross Europe from West to East and from North to South. The proposed network allows you to visit 42 countries by bike! This represents 72,000 km of cycle paths.


It is a coordinated initiative at the level of the European Union. The objective is that by 2030, all cycle routes will be completed (signposted and ideally on their own site).


For information :
The longest EuroVelo route is n ° 13 which represents 10,200 km. The most popular and successful is EuroVelo 6.


Did you know ?

EuroVelo pairs go from West to East
the odd-numbered Eurovelo runs from North to South (except for the 12 which makes a loop).



Receive the EuroVelo card

Do you want a paper map showing all the EuroVelo routes? The card is distributed only by the ECF.


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