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Eurovelo 15 - Rhin route



Maps and guides on the Rhine Bike Route

From the Swiss Alps to the North Sea, the Eurovelo 15 follows the most beautiful European rivers. The bike route crosses 4 countries: Switzerland, Germany, France and the Netherlands and invites you to travel 1500 km of itinerary for all levels! Discover river landscapes and picturesque villages. Visit Basel, Andermatt, Bonn, Utrecht or Rotterdam. 

Discover Alsace by bike on the Rhine Bike Route. 


Cycling from the Rhone to the Rhine on the Eurovelo 15

This is a route that you can do with your family because it is suitable for all levels! The Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe and offers superb prospects for discovery by bike. 1320 km of routes and 9 Unesco listed sites will leave you with unforgettable memories from Lake Constance to Basel via the Rhine Falls! 

Find all the maps and cycling guides on the Rhine bike route on Cartovelo.


The Rhine cycle route, a great cycling route 

You will be happy to know that the Eurovelo 15 is one of the most successful and perfectly signposted routes! The countries involved are among the major players in the development of cycling. The Rhine cycle route in Alsace is fully signposted in both directions. 

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