Compostela, Mode d'emploi
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Compostela, Mode d'emploi


Guide to preparing for the trip on the Camino de Compostela.

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Miam Miam Dodo, Compostela, User manual

For the preparation of the pilgrimage, the future pilgrim always asks himself the same questions: when am I going to leave, what path should I take, how much money do I need, how much weight should my backpack make? Am I leaving alone, and for how long? Will I sleep in a lodge or in a guest room? I go on foot or by bike, or I put the barda on a little donkey? Will I bear the loneliness, the cold, the heat, the length of the journey? Will I be able to follow the markup? I don't speak Spanish, and I'm afraid of dogs ... And yet, I really want to go there! I need this break in my life, I want to taste this wonderful freedom, to see the sunrise, to find the simple things that are blooming in the world, I want to take time for myself and think about my loved ones.

I would like to give new meaning to my life, to talk with others, to taste the silence of a chapel, to feel the well-being in my body again. This book is made to answer these questions. But not too much ... Because you have to leave a part of mystery to the path. There will be hundreds of leagues to find the answer, or even, sometimes, the question ...


With this guide:

  • Choose your path
  • Prepare your departure
  • Plan your steps
  • Calculate your budget



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Langue : français Édition : 2020:
Type : guide roadbook Reliure :
Format : 13.5x21 cm Poids : 410 grammes
Pages : 256 Échelle : 1/37 500



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