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La Via Allier

Maps and guides to the Via Allier 

Discover the magnificent landscapes of the Auvergne on this 455 km cycle route in France. 

Cycle along the Allier River from its confluence with the Loire to Nevers, then on to Langogne in Lozère. 

This itinerary offers exceptional discoveries right up to the top of the Allier gorges, close to its source in the Cevennes mountains. 


The Auvergne cycle route 

The Via Allier crosses the Auvergne from north to south along the Allier river. After discovering the riches of the Auvergne, this cycle route reaches the Mediterranean. 

It takes between 8 and 14 days to cover the Via Allier, allowing between 30 and 60 km per day. 

The cycle route is connected to the Loire à vélo from Nevers.


Development and signposting of the Via Allier 

The Allier cycle route runs mainly on small, low-traffic roads. Development work is underway in the Puy-de-Dôme region. 

Between Nevers and Pont-du-Château, the Via Allier is accessible to all, while the rest of the route is spicier and takes in the volcanoes as far as Langogne. Electric bikes can be a good alternative for making the end of the route more accessible.

La Via Allier - véloroute de l'Auvergne
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