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Le Tour de Bourgogne




Maps and cycling guides on the Tour de Bourgogne 

Where to cycle in Burgundy ? 

The cycling network in Burgundy is particularly well developed to the delight of cyclists. Discover Burgundy by bike on greenways built on former railroads, ideal for a family trip or short rides. 


Cycling on the Tour de Bourgogne

From Auxerre to Dijon on greenways and towpaths, you cross the vineyards to discover the historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage of the region. 

You will cross the Eurovelo 6 on the Canal du Centre from Chalon to Digoin, between Saône and Loire in Southern Burgundy. 

The Canal du Nivernais guides you between Auxerre and Decize on a beautiful stretch of greenways. 


Greenways in Burgundy, a great cycling itinerary

The Tour de Bourgogne à vélo represents 800 km of fully developed itinerary. Some sections are not yet finalized on the Canal du Nivernais, the Canal de Bourgogne and the Voie Bleue.  


Get the maps and guides of the Tour de Bourgogne on Cartovelo. 

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