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The Loire by bike

900 km of cycle route between St Nazaire and Nevers. This is the Loire by bike on Eurovelo 6, a route that runs along the Loire and makes you discover the historical wonders of French heritage! Nantes, Angers, Tours or even Blois are among the stopover towns of Art and History which mark out the route of the Loire by bike.


The Route of the Castles

If you are a cyclist and a history buff, the Loire à Vélo is for you. The Loire Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the majestic presence of its many castles. In addition, there are more than 270 km of loops and variants around the official route!


A unique route along the royal river

The Loire by bike route is fully signposted and landscaped. It is one of the best developed cycle routes to date. On the way, you can follow the logo of the Loire by bike accompanied by that of Eurovelo 6 which continues to the Black Sea.

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