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Pays de la Loire

Cycling routes in Pays-de-la-Loire

The Pays de la Loire by bike

3000 km of cycling itinerary and the Loire by bike, the Pays de la Loire is a destination not to be missed for cyclists. You can enjoy a one-day bike ride or prepare a week-long trip in this region with a unique historical, cultural and natural heritage. 

The main cycling routes 

The Pays de la Loire is located at the crossroads of 6 major cycling routes: 

  1. Vélodyssée
  2. Vélo Francette
  3. Loire by bike
  4. Vélobuissionnière
  5. Vélocéan
  6. The Loir Valley

The Loire by bike crosses the region and represents a successful itinerary accessible to all. To go further, you can join the Eurovelo 6 which ends at the Black Sea. Among the cities with a rich historical heritage, do not miss Nantes, Saumur or Angers. 


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